GOD NEVER GAVE UP...  AND HE WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON US  –  never . . .  Never . . .  Never!
Redemption . . .  Restoration . . .  PLENITUDE  TODAY!
Redemption . . .  Restoration . . .  PLENITUDE  TODAY!
"Unless the  
LORD builds the
house, they
labor in vain who
build it.
Pr. Brandao - Graduate of Theology from South of Brazil Baptist Theological Seminary and Graduate
Finances from the school of Commerce - Espírito Santo State, Brazil. As Seminary student, he
committed himself to
Evangelism, Missions, Planting Churches, Teaching and Preaching the Word.
The Couple believes that family must minister together, so their children, Laylah
Christina and Tiago Antonio, have been an indispensable part in the format and
direction taken in the ministry and in their lives.
Dr. Lucia - Graduate as a Psychiatrist at EMESCAM Medical School, Espirito Santo, BZ;, Graduate in
Clinical Psychology from GRITZA / UFES, BZ. Master and Doctoral Degrees in  Clinical Christian Counseling
at Florida Christian University, Orlando, Florida.
Dr. Lucia
Pr. Antonio
He ministered for 4 years in Churches in Brazil, for 12 years in Texas, and 9 years in New York.
                          Their ministry has reached the United States, Brazil and Central America. Pastor and Doctor   
                         Brandao are authors of articles published in many magazines and newspapers in Brazil and the
                          United States. She is also the author of three books: "
The Redemptive Time", "The Family Altar –
                          Psalm 127" and "Restoring Relationships"
We are a couple committed to communicating with excellence, the truths that are essential for spiritual and
emotional maturity, in a precise, clear and practical way, so that people can understand their purpose in
God's plan and their vital role as an authentic and unique person.
      Married for 39 years, they testify about the kindness, provision, protection, direction and love of God.
   They enjoy long talks to their children, traveling together, a walk in the beach, drinking hot chocolate with  
                                 friends and challenging each other in all areas of life.
They are each other best friends, they love to have long conversations, laugh
and share what God is doing in their lives, marriage, family and ministry.  
Psalm 127:1
"Children are a heritage from the LORD...  Like arrows in the hands of a warrior, so are the
children of your youth." Psalm 127:3, 4.
He has been an Ordained Pastor for 33 years (December 13, 1983 at FBC Niteroi, Brazil).
In the United States he was called to Pastor the Brazilian Congregation at FBC Euless, was
licensed  to Preach in June 12.1991 and ordained to the Ministry in Octobre 19, 1991, both at
Harwood Terrace Baptist Church in Bedford, Texas.
As a Missionary for years, he has given support to other Pastor’s ministries, has done Conferences in many
churches and also helped churches as Interim Pastor preparing the way for new Pastoral Leadership. In October
2013 a Bible Study Group started
at Homes in Boca Raton, Florida. In November 2014 the group began to meet
also to Worship at Boca Rio Rd, Boca Raton, FL under his leadership      
   A Teacher since she was 17 years old, Dr. Lucia taught at South Brazil Baptist Theological Seminary  
  and IBER -
Institute of Christian Education - both in Tijuca, RJ;  at the Baptist Theological Seminary of
, RJ and PUC – Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and presently at Florida Christian University, Orlando, Fl.
As a part of multidisciplinary teams, she practiced Medicine in Brazil. As a Counselor/Therapist she has worked with
Christians in many states in the US and Brazil.As a
Conference Speaker for 36 years, she has ministered
to Pastors, Churches, Leaders, Groups of interest, Universities and Seminaries.  
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PLENITUDE TODAY MINISTRY -  Pr. Antonio  &  Dr. Lucia Brandao
Mail Address: 3490 W. Hillsboro Blvd #203, Coconut Creek, FL 33073
Phones:    New York: 718-207-9298  -  United States: 817- 879-2790
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Unless the
LORD guards
the city, the
watchman stays
awake in vain."
"Now You have been pleased to bless the house of your servant, that it may continue
before You forever; for You have blessed it, O LORD, and it shall be blessed forever."
1 Chronicles 17:27.
Part of a large family of Pastors, Christian Leaders, Missionaries and Christian Writers, Pr. Brandao is
devoted  to proclaim God's message of the Gospel. Very comfortable in multiethinic situations, he has led
Missionary Trips in the South, East and northeast of Brazil.
Studied Pastoral Counseling in São Paulo; Sacred Music at the South of Brazil Baptist Theological
Seminary and at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Texas;
As a Missionary, alongside her husband, she has helped Pastors in personal and ministry issues, helped
Churches to recover from painful situations and conflict, helped to discover, develop, and structure
Leadership and Ministerial groups.
                            The couple is preparing a new and exciting book that is expected to be ready soon:
Re-discovering the Strength (Espiritual, Emotional, and intimate) of Love in the marriage, an everlasting yet very
contemporary content found in the book: Songs of Solomon.